The Hague The Netherlands


Den Haag Greeters is a foundation and we have asked the Dutch government to issue an ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) certification. With this certification we are allowed to receive gifts without having to pay taxes. Other benifits of ANBI status includes, but not exclusively, the opportunity to receive free services from suppliers such as Google making it easier to find the foundation online.
This certification will not influence our goals or way of working.


The board of the Den Haag Greeters Foundation has four members:
Jos Nusse – Chairman and Treasurer
Nicole Morskate – Secretary
Marc van Zessen – Member & ICT – Social Media
Erik Kiers – Member & Strategy & Funding

Remuneration policy

The Den Haag Greeters Foundation does not pay any fees to the board. All board members are 100% voluntary.

Policy plan

The Den Haag Greeters Foundation aims for growth in the future, both in the number of Greeters as iwell as in the   of Greets. We have a Strategic Plan (sorry, only available in Dutch) that you can read here.


The financial audited accounts for 20142015201620172018 are available in Dutch only.