Den Haag Die Niederlande


Read what other have to say about their Greeter experience.

Fantastic. Thank you!

Visitor: stephanie weise – United States – 11/09/2018

Greeter: Letty van der Wallen

Such a great scheme! The Greet experience was amazing. We were well matched and the Greeter was very knowledgeable. He obviously loved Den Haag and wanted to share his love of the city. I had a fantastic introduction to den haag and please thank Geert .

Visitor: Di Russ – United Kingdom – 14/09/2018

Greeter: Geert Groenen

Everything was great, spent few hours with Frank with pleasure. Thanks again!

Visitor: Sergey Kiselev – Russia – 07/09/2018

Greeter: Frank Gelok

Peter is a great communicator. We were able to find him easily because he gave such good directions. We covered a pretty big area with diversity. He didn't just point out buildings, he shared his love for the country and its history and culture. We truly enjoyed getting to know him and this area of the Netherlands, and because of that will come back and spend more time in this country.

Visitor: Linda Linford – United States – 23/08/2018

Greeter: Peter Kloek

Wir hatten Herrn Jacob Bijl als Greeter. Wir waren sehr zufrieden. Auch die Empfehlung für das Abendessen in einem Indonesischen Restaurant war sehr gut. Vielen Dank nochmal

Visitor: Marion Boellert – Deutschland – 31/08/2018

Greeter: Jacob Bijl

Onze greeter was de heer Peter Hoek. Een zeer wel bespraakte heer, die ons in korte tijd veel informatie gaf over zowel de hoogte punten van onze rondwandeling als over zichzelf. Hij heeft ons de weg naar het Esscher Museum gewezen en voor de markt hebben wij hem bedankt voor zijn inzet en wandeling. We komen vast nog eens terug in Den Haag. Het inzetten van greeters is een enorm goed initiatief! Onze complimenten hiervoor . Henny van der Plank.

Visitor: Henny van der Plank – Nederland – 25/08/2018

Greeter: Peter Kloek

Wir möchten uns nochmal bei Peter bedanken. Es war sehr informativ und es hat uns viel Spaß gemacht. Danke

Visitor: Eva-Maria Rickert – Deutschland – 18/08/2018

Greeter: Peter Kloek

very interesting nice company

Visitor: Thelma Hagen – Netherlands – 17/08/2018

Greeter: Jacob Bijl

Thank you to Peter, our greeter, for a fantastic tour of The Hague. He was knowledgeable, friendly and great company. We learnt lots about the city but also Dutch culture and everyday life in The Netherlands. Peter was able to recommend things to do in both The Hague and in Amsterdam. We loved visiting The Peace Palace with Peter and also the hidden garden community. Peter was a fantastic greeter and a credit to your organisation. We loved our tour with him. Thank you!

Visitor: Sarah white – United Kingdom – 21/08/2018

Greeter: Peter Kloek

Great tour. I felt like I understood the history, the culture and the lay of the land. The guide was personable and showed us what life was like in the Haag. Loved the follow up suggestions too. Thank you for the gift of time. One of the highlights of the trip so far.

Visitor: lisa maas – United States – 22/08/2018

Greeter: G.Z.V. Daniëls

Gracias a Peter Kloek por su compañía. Aún cuando no hablaba español, se esforzó por explicarnos con detalle algunos de los puntos importantes de la Haya

Visitor: Vanessa Hernanz – Spain – 12/08/2018

Greeter: Peter Kloek

This was my first experience with the Greeter Network, and I was very favourably surprised. Geert Daniëls is emphatic, knowledgeable and generous. He stayed with us for six hours, much more than a conventional tour, even if your take into account that we had a snack together. Congratulations for the concept and for the quality of the volunteers it attracts, at least based on my experience.

Visitor: Nuno Pedro – Portugal – 08/08/2018

Greeter: G.Z.V. Daniëls

Jacob hat eine wunderbare Führung mit uns zu den wichtigsten Highlights im Den Haager Zentrum gemacht. Der Greet war locker, lustig und sehr informativ. Danke für wundervolle 2 Stunden...die uns Jacob beschert hat.

Visitor: André Redlich – Deutschland – 31/07/2018

Greeter: Jacob Bijl

Het was de tweede wandeling met Jos van Tegelen. Heel interessant en leerrijk. Jos spreekt uitstekend Duits en is een fijn stadsgids.

Visitor: Bernd Lorenz – Deutschland – 24/07/2018

Greeter: Jos van Tegelen

We hebben een ontzettend leuke ochtend met Nicole Morskate. Mijn Amerikaanse gast vond het helemaal leuk en ik heb zelf ook zoveel nieuwe dingen geleerd en gezien in de stad waar ik nu 8 jaar woon. Bedankt Nicole!! Groet, José Nicola

Visitor: José Nicola – Netherlands – 14/07/2018

Greeter: Nicole Morskate

Door mijn fout heeft dit rondleiding niet plaats gevonden... wel later uitleg gekregen door dhr Peter Kloek bij mij thuis. Was zeer informatief. Mijn dank voor jullie diensten en excuses voor mijn fout (verkeerde datum)!

Visitor: hannah abrahamse – Netherlands – 19/06/2018

Greeter: Peter Kloek

Peter is an open-minded, competent person with a good sense of humor who gave us a lot of useful background information. We enjoyed the walk very much and used his advice during the rest of our trip.

Visitor: Thomas Mayer – Österreich – 17/07/2018

Greeter: Peter Kloek

Sandra was very pleasant!

Visitor: Hannah Weisman – United States – 09/07/2018

Greeter: Sandra van Gigch

The tour with Peter Kloek was all right. He was really aimed to do the best and give us some good tips

Visitor: Angela Kirchhoff – Deutschland – 13/07/2018

Greeter: Peter Kloek

Peetr was a very good guide

Visitor: Meli Fernández – Spain – 15/07/2018

Greeter: Peter Kloek