The Hague The Netherlands


Question: How much does a Greet cost?
Answer: Every Greet is absolutely FREE OF COSTS, we really like to emphasize on that! We have a strict non-tipping policy. Our Greeters are so proud of their city they are very much willing to have a Greet with you, spend some hours and tell you their stories.
Greeters do however enjoy to have a drink with you, very often in a little bar or restaurant that you wouldn’t have found without your Greeter.
And if you find it difficult to accept the company of a Greeter without leaving any money, you can donate to the foundation that we will spend on office costs – see below.


Question: Can I support the The Hague Greeters financially?
Answer: Yes, we very much appreciate if you do! Our foundation is fully depending on donations in order to cover our back office costs. More information about donating our foundation can be found here.


Question: How long in advance do I have to book a Greeter?
Answer: As we do not conduct pre-scheduled tours but individual Greets, we advice you to fill out the form at least 14 days prior to your visit. That will give you the best chance one of our Greeters can schedule you in. If you arrive on a shorter notice, we advice you to fill in the form as soon as possible.


Question: Is it possible to have a bike trip in stead of walking?
Answer: Yes, some of our Greeters are willing to show you the city by bike. Our foundation has no spare bikes so you need to rent one yourself, the Greeter can however help you find a good and safe bike of course.


Question: If our group consists of more than 6 people, is there still a possibility to book a Greeter?
Answer: It is in our core values we invite groups up to six. However if you send us a mail, we will try to get you the best offer while you are visiting The Hague.