The Hague The Netherlands


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Muy buena visita con Monique. Ella tiene una gran vitalidad y gran conocimiento sobre aspectos característicos y lugares de La Haya. Muy amable, buen trato y encantadora.

Visitor: MARIA JOSE RUEDA FERNANDEZ – Spain – 27/06/2019

Greeter: Monique van Biljouw

My Greeter Monique was very friendly, knowledgeable, and kind. The entire experience has exceeded my expectation. I have gotten to see the hidden gems inside the city center of The Hague. It was such a pleasure for me to experience the city with my Greeter.

Visitor: Cheng Dai – United States – 18/06/2019

Greeter: Monique van Biljouw

Thank you so much Nicole, it was a great experience and we saw places we never would have visited otherwise. The Goldenbar was the best!

Visitor: Katja Kreutzfeldt – Germany – 16/06/2019

Greeter: Nicole Morskate

Unser Greeter erzählte uns bei einem langen Spaziergang nach Wunsch viel über die Geschichte und Architektur der Stadt. Wir besuchten besondere Orte, die man nicht so schnell findet. Seine Tipps zu Jugendstilhäusern haben wir gern anschließend angenommen Barbara und Ulrich, Bonn-Greeters

Visitor: Dr. Ulrich Bongardt – 18/06/2019

Greeter: Jacob Bijl

Great program! We enjoyed our time with our greeter who was fantastic. The program gave us a connection to the city that we could only have gotten through the Greeter program. Thank you to all the volunteers who give their time to this wonderful organization.

Visitor: Alan Telford – United States – 18/05/2019

Greeter: Geert Groenen

Aangename kennismaking met de stad, zeker omdat onze greeter ons vaak wees op de (fiets)mobiliteit én het beleid dat hierover gevoerd werd. Zelf zijn we nl. op professioneel én in de vrije tijd mee bezig. Ook het bezoek aan het Vredespaleis was boeiend om de rondleiding van 20' te kunnen meemaken. Het feit dat we met de fiets konden rondrijden, zorgde dat we een grotere afstand konden afleggen. Dank voor deze fijne ervaring!

Visitor: Veronique Matthees – België – 31/05/2019

Greeter: G.Z.V. Daniëls

I had very good experience with the greeter, who was nice lady, full of knowledge and she told me a lot of interesting stories. She spent more than three hours with me, gave me a full city tour, explained me about everything I see. Thank you a lot!

Visitor: Natasa Dordevic – Serbia – 27/05/2019

Greeter: Monique van Biljouw

Thank you Ferry for the bike tour of Den Haag. We enjoyed it very much, and was good practice to bike before trying in Amsterdam (thankfully no crashes!)

Visitor: Alice Kao – United States – 01/06/2019

Greeter: Ferry Koene

This was a very good greet! Thank to Marianne and Jos

Visitor: Andreas Rosenbusch – Deutschland – 31/05/2019

Greeter: marianne van betten

The visit went wonderful! Saw many things I never would have known to see. Would certainly reccomend it!

Visitor: Mark Watkins – Norway – 02/05/2019

Greeter: Mieke Rekkers-Steinebach

We had a fabulous tour of Den Haag with Geert our greeter. I would highly recommend him and this service. Thank you.

Visitor: Barb Bentley – Canada – 19/05/2019

Greeter: Geert Groenen

Hallo, den Haag hat uns sehr gut gefallen und Peter hat uns wichtige Orte gezeigt bzw empfohlen. Der Überblick, den wir am nächsten Tag vertieft haben, war sehr nett.

Visitor: Annette Bohlen – Deutschland – 16/05/2019

Greeter: Peter Kloek

Our greeter, Letty, was wonderful. During the over 2 hours walk, she showed us different parts of the city, historical buildings, hard to find hofje, old fashion micro brewery, and much more. We really appreciate all the effort you put into. Thank you so much.

Visitor: Mandy Jeffries – United States – 17/05/2019

Greeter: Letty van der Wallen

Geert was amazing!!! Thank you we had a wonderful time!!!

Visitor: Luciana Saavedra – Bolivia – 17/05/2019

Greeter: Geert Groenen

Monique was a total joy, and a walking encyclopedia of information on all things about the history or the area. We were blown away by the amount of knowledge she had and gave us. We were able to see and learn so much more than would have ever been possible on our own. She shared ancient history as well as more modern info. We are so glad that we learned about this program, and thoroughly advise other travelers to take advantage of this program.

Visitor: karen collier – United States – 15/04/2019

Greeter: Monique van Biljouw

I satisfy with my greet. We enjoy a lot the experience. It’s very goof

Visitor: Silvia Saslavsky – Argentina – 11/04/2019

Greeter: Monique van Biljouw

Lieber Jacob, Nochmals recht herzlichen Dank für deinen informativen und interessanten Greet in Den Haag. Wir haben sehr positive Erinnerungen an den Spazier- gang im Zentrum von Den Haag. Wir freuen uns auf ein Wiedersehen in Den Haag oder auch in Bremen herzliche Grüße Henny

Visitor: R – 01/05/2019

Greeter: Jacob Bijl

We enjoyed our experience. Our host was willing to change his plan last minute to accomodate our wishes. He also sent information on some other interested of ours.

Visitor: Diana Ferguson – Canada – 30/04/2019

Greeter: Ferry Koene

Огромное спасибо. Экскурсия очень понравилась. Будем советовать друзьям. Thank you very much. The excursion was very nice! We will recommend this to friends

Visitor: Natalia Kukhareva – Russia – 06/05/2019

Greeter: Mieke Rekkers-Steinebach

Peter was an excellent guide. Communication before the guide was also excellent as the weather was iffy. We enjoyed the guide very much-thank you.

Visitor: Richard Ryan – United States – 03/05/2019

Greeter: Peter Kloek