The Hague The Netherlands


Read what other have to say about their Greeter experience.

We had a fun tour with Geert who is very fond of Dutch politics and full of energy. A nice way to connect with the city and the country, I recommend the greeters !

Visitor: anne VAN GAVER – Netherlands – 18/11/2017

Greeter: G.Z.V. Daniëls

Onno was so enthusiastic about his city, and shared so much about the culture and history. His tour was filled with humour and he was able to answer all our questions. He even brought a chart of the government voting system to share with us. And I especially loved when he brought us to secret alleyways where the poor women used to live. It was definitely eye opening and I would recommend him to anyone.

Visitor: Bridget Tan – United Kingdom – 14/11/2017

Greeter: Onno Maas

It was a great experience to meet Peter! Thanks so much!

Visitor: Malte Schumacher – Germany – 11/11/2017

Greeter: Peter Kloek

It was great!

Visitor: Alexey Pelekh – Ukraine – 02/11/2017

Greeter: Maarten Eijl

Super! Kann man nur weiterempfehlen. Vielen Dank!

Visitor: Susanne Sp

Greeter: Peter Kloek

Very interesting tour, thanks a lot Geert!

Visitor: Floriana de Maio – France – 27/10/2017

Greeter: G.Z.V. Daniëls

It was a great luck to find The Greeters on the internet. The communication was straightforward and it was very easy to be assigned a greeter. Jacob was very helpful and patient with our date changing and it was a delight having him as our guide. Next time we need a tour, the Global Greeters will be the first place to look at. Thank you

Visitor: rana el azab – United Kingdom – 23/10/2017

Greeter: Jacob Bijl

Incredible initiative! Marc leaded a very interesting and delightful tour, we had a great time. Will definetely recommend.

Visitor: Alessandra Xavier – Brazil – 28/10/2017

Greeter: Marc van Zessen

Jacob was a very nice man. He was very informative and knowledgeable. We suggested a few areas of interest that he didn't expect and he was very accommodating and knew where to take us. Truly a delightful person to spend a few hours with. Also his directions on how to get to the Hague were very precise and helpful.

Visitor: Marianne and Phil Stern – Australia – 22/10/2017

Greeter: Jacob Bijl

Marc was fantastic! We had such a great time learning more about The Hague. It was the perfect way to start our visit and we also greatly appreciate Marc's recommendations on bars and restaurants. Thanks so much, Marc!

Visitor: Courtney Bogaard – United States – 14/10/2017

Greeter: Marc van Zessen

We hebben een zalige rustige interessante wandeling gehad met Saskia! Hele leuke ervaring, die greeters!

Visitor: An Janssens – Belgium – 14/10/2017

Greeter: Saskia Herberghs

Jacob was a very informative guide who was friendly, polite and made us feel comfortable and interested. He arranged the tour so we would end at the Escher Museum, which I'd mentioned wanting to visit, in a previous contact.

Visitor: June Forman – United States – 10/10/2017

Greeter: Onno Maas

wij hadden een echt leuke rondleiding miet Mieke. Hebben de hal van hotel des indes en veel hofjes gezien, de kerkhof St. Petrus Banden met de arcade en andere bijzondere plekken. Mieke is een heel enthousiast gids en heeft den verblijv in Den Haag echt speciaal voor ons gemaakt. Bedankt ook voor de andere aanraaders ivm Voorschooten.

Visitor: Lydia Renner – Deutschland – 04/10/2017

Greeter: Mieke Rekkers-Steinebach

My guided tour in the Hague was judt excellent. I was adequately informed about the time and place of the meeting. And Frank was a knowlegeable, attentive and patient greeter. I admire the very idea and the the time and energy of the volunteers working on it. Thank you!

Visitor: Skirmante Marijauskiene – Belgium – 30/09/2017

Greeter: Frank Gelok

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Letty. Her knowledge about the history of the Hague is extensive. We visited some places we would not have discovered on our own. Thanks

Visitor: Nancy Bogert – United States – 15/09/2017

Greeter: Letty van der Wallen

Marc was a wonderful greeter who gave us so much interesting information about The Hague, especially the little bits about the use of Mondriaan and storks in architecture in the city. We loved every minute of our greet and would highly recommend this to anyone visiting The Hague in the future.

Visitor: Rui Lin Tay – Netherlands – 22/09/2017

Greeter: Marc van Zessen

Het was een heel geslaagde middag! Judy was gezellig en informatief en, ondanks dat we om de hoek wonen, hebben we Den Haag van een andere kunt kunnen zien. We gaan in de winter naar Bangkok en we zagen dat Greeters daar ook aktief zijn dus we gaan er zeker nog eens gebruik van maken. We zullen binnenkort een donatie overmaken.

Visitor: Marjon Geertsma – Nederland – 16/09/2017

Greeter: Judy Verschoor

I enjoyed my walk/tour very much. I learned a lot. Many many thanks!

Visitor: Pam Miller – United States – 16/09/2017

Greeter: Onno Maas

Enjoyed the walk very much. Saskia was a lovely and knowledgeable hostess, and it was so nice to have a local person provide a glimpse of both the historical and everyday life of the city.

Visitor: Silvia Kwon – Australia – 12/09/2017

Greeter: Saskia Herberghs

Excellent! I spent a delightful afternoon with Marianne van Betten strolling and learning about the history, lore and architecture of the wonderful city of The Hague. We even got an unanticipated opportunity for a closeup look at the prime minister in person! Many thanks for an entertaining and illuminating welcome! She was charming and gracious. Highly recommended!

Visitor: Jerry Lazar – United States – 13/09/2017

Greeter: Marianne van Betten