The Hague The Netherlands


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Marianne van Bettern was our greeter in the Hague and she was both personable and very knowledgeable about the sights and history of the Hague. She shared some of her family history with us and that added to our experience. Marianne also took us to one of her favorite cafes (where I had a delicious piece of apple pie!) I am strongly recommending to family and friends that they use this great service. It certainly enhances one's travel experience to meet the 'locals' in this manner. Thank you!

Visitor: Scott Smeal – United States – 02/06/2018

Greeter: marianne van betten

Great tour with Mieke. Although we could only tour for 2.5 hours she was very accommodating and informative. Thanks!!

Visitor: Larry Feigenbaum – 12/06/2018

Greeter: Mieke

My greeter did a lot of research based on my interests and I really appreciated that! He was knowledgeable and had a very full itinerary. I saw a lot and learned quite a bit about not only Den Haag but the Netherlands. It’s a great service and I’m so glad I found it! Thank you!!

Visitor: Adrienne Keller – United States – 14/05/2018

Greeter: G.Z.V. Daniëls

Peter was a perfect guide. He received us promptly, provided answers to all of our questions, and provided a unique personal perspective to the historical and current events of the city. We enjoyed Peter's company. Thank You, Theresa and Rich

Visitor: Theresa Koesterer – United States – 06/06/2018

Greeter: Peter Kloek

Peter hat uns bei unserem Rundgang die Stadt Den Haag sehr ans Herz gelegt.

Visitor: Rainer Sternberg – Deutschland – 02/06/2018

Greeter: Peter Kloek

Dear Maarten, I would like to thank you once more for sharing your time and knowledge of your beautiful city with me. I spent a wonderful afternoon in The Hague and truly enjoyed your comments about the history, and the great sights of the city. I also appreciated your patience and kindness. I returned home last Sunday after a hectic but pleasant week in the Hansa cities of northern Germany. But I must say that I enjoyed the beauty, atmosphere and people of the Netherlands the most, especially The Hague. I wish you and your family all the best and will be happy to help if you ever come to Montreal.

Visitor: Lise Arcoit – 29/03/2018

Greeter: Maarten

Der Rundgang und die Geschichten von Peter waren ein Erlebnis. Margret und Rainer

Visitor: Sternberg – 02/06/2018

Greeter: Peter

Geert was great, his tour was very informative and he was really kind!

Visitor: Julien Gagnon – Canada – 22/05/2018

Greeter: G.Z.V. Daniëls

Our greeter (Geert) at the Hague was very nice and considerate. His tour was informative and customized around our interests, i.e. food and culture at the Hague. We particularly liked his suggestions on food and restaurants. We hope he continues doing GG tours for others.

Visitor: Audris Umel – Germany – 19/05/2018

Greeter: Geert Groenen

We enjoyed being with Nicole. She was very punctual and she adjusted to our pace. She was pleasant to talk to and keen and knowledgeable to show us around. We enjoyed ourselves .

Visitor: Poonam Salotra – India – 20/05/2018

Greeter: Nicole Morskate

Beautiful city! Greeter was interesting. Many things to see ! Thank you Thé visit wias appreciated and we had good Time !

Visitor: Martin Gilbert – Canada – 12/05/2018

Greeter: Mieke Rekkers-Steinebach

We can’t thank our guide Geert Daniëls enough for the wonderful job he did of acquainting us with The Hague. From his prompt arrival at the meeting place to his eagerness to answer all our questions and take us every place we asked to see. His energy was limitless and we wished we could have spent more time with him, seeing the lovely country. Thank you again Geert, for a most memorable day.

Visitor: Melynda Harman – Canada – 18/04/2018

Greeter: G.Z.V. Daniëls

Peter heeft dat heel goed gedaan, de groep was zeer tevreden van zijn enthousiasme. Den Haag is voor hen nu meer dan alleen maar winkeltjes 🙂

Visitor: sabine meire – België – 11/05/2018

Greeter: Peter Kloek

Mieke und Peter haben uns mit viel Liebe, Freude und Enthusiasmus ihre Stadt gezeigt. Es war wunderschön und super unterhaltsam. Nachdem wir essen waren, gab es unverhofft noch eine Zugabe. Wir danken euch ganz ganz herzlich für Euren Einsatz und werden euer Angebot für Delft und Leiden gerne annehmen, wenn wir wieder hier sind. Wir werden immer gerne an diesen Tag und an Euch beide zurückdenken. Liebe Grüße Nicole

Visitor: Nicole Heinzel – Deutschland – 10/05/2018

Greeter: Mieke Rekkers-Steinebach

Wonderful. Very interesting and educational. Thank you, Geert.

Visitor: Jennifer Robson – Australia – 30/04/2018

Greeter: G.Z.V. Daniëls

Peter was an excellent greeter. He worked with me to come up with the best plan for my objectives and schedule. The man knows everything. It was a delightful afternoon.

Visitor: Sally Sexton – United States – 06/05/2018

Greeter: Peter Kloek

We thoroughly enjoyed our day with Geert Daniëls. He was very knowledgeable and showed us all over the city pointing out all the beautiful things that make Den Haag such a great place.

Visitor: Brian Zinck – United States – 27/04/2018

Greeter: G.Z.V. Daniëls

Geert is amazing- he spent 10 hours with us exploring the city and was a wealth of knowledge and positive attitude. We had an amazing time with him and thank him for his company.

Visitor: KELLY LIN – United States – 26/04/2018

Greeter: G.Z.V. Daniëls

Three of us had a very interesting and informative three hour walk round Den Haag led by Jos. He showed us buildings we would not have noticed on our own and explained the culture of the city. We would thoroughly recommend to visitors from abroad and those from other parts of The Netherlands.

Visitor: Nora Waygood – United Kingdom – 26/04/2018

Greeter: Jos Nusse (de Greeter)

We were absolutely delighted with our greeter Anamiek and the time she spent with us imparting her wonderful knowledge of her favourite city. We had an afternoon of amazement to be honest! Thank you so much for your time.

Visitor: Janet Dame – Australia – 27/03/2018

Greeter: Mieke Rekkers-Steinebach